Me Made May 2019 round up

I was excited about Me Made May this year mainly because I love seeing everyone’s outfits and discovering new sewists, but also because it’s the first year that it didn’t seem like a huge effort for me since I’ve got quite a vast handmade wardrobe now. Aside from a couple of jackets, one or two staple tops and some dodgy holiday t-shirts, my wardrobe is 100% handmade – it’s not something I consciously tried to do, in fact I think if I’d set out to do it it would have been a daunting and unenjoyable task. Instead, it happened out of a lack of enjoyment for clothes shopping, boycotting some of the worst offenders for fast fashion and an obsession with making dresses.

On top of Me Made May I was also doing a walking challenge with my work, which is why you might have seen me live and die in my Supergas. If you know me in real life it’s not my usual look but I’m also really competitive so it had to be done. I actually don’t know how to wear real shoes anymore now so it will likely continue forever.

Me Made May was however tougher than I thought, mainly because I was made redundant from my job halfway through. Now I don’t usually share personal details on here but this is directly relevant since it meant I had very little need to get dressed, and so for a few days in May I wore pyjamas, although they were me made pyjamas, and I really only left the house to go to the gym or supermarket.

I think if it had been any other month I probably would have had many more pj days, but I realised that even if you just get dressed to go to Lidl it can actually make you feel quite good. So many of my outfits documented on weekdays were worn with very little purpose except to get groceries and cat litter, but in the spirit of being #everdayfabulous (a la By Hand London’s Elisalex) I did it in style. I guess I learnt that you get dressed for you and you alone so if you want to go to the supermarket wearing Valentino then absolutely do.

So here is a roundup of my outfits for May. I’ll leave you guessing as to which ones I carried the cat litter in.


L-R: By Hand London Anna skirt with Flora bodice & Nina Lee Kew sleeves in Rifle Paper co rayon; Sew Over It Betty with self drafted back in Liberty lawn; By HandLondon Flora in linen; BHL Flora in Liberty lawn; Nina Lee Kew in Rifle Paper co rayon; BHL Flora in Rifle Paper Co cotton; BHL Flora in broderie anglaise; BHL Flora in Liberty lawn; Nina Lee Kew in linen; BHL Flora in Liberty lawn

I thought I had tonnes of summer dresses, and I do, but I realised a gap in my wardrobe is summer dresses with a more streamlined silhouette. My recent autumn/ winter makes have had more A-line skirts rather than full circle girliness and I want to replicate that for summer, so expect more Kew/Eloise/Anna dresses to come.


L-R: By Hand London Jenna in cotton; BHL Orsola in Rifle Paper co rayon; BHL Anna with Nina Lee Kew skirt in Rifle Paper co rayon x2; BHL Holly with self drafted sleeves and Nina Lee Kew skirt in Liberty silk satin; Nina Lee Kew in viscose; BHL Holly/Nina Lee Kew in Rifle Paper co rayon; Selkie London in crepe; BHL Anna in Rifle Paper co rayon; BHL Holly/Nina Lee Kew in Liberty crepe.


L-R: By Hand London Flora/Anna with Nina Lee Kew sleeves in gifted Rifle Paper co rayon; BHL Flora bodice/ Nina Lee Kew sleeves and Sew Over It Betty skirt in Valentino crepe; BHL Flora/Anna in Valentino crepe.

I also didn’t buy any fabric – woohoo! Well I bought some but it hasn’t arrived yet so that doesn’t count. And I managed to finish my brother’s shirt which has taken me nearly 2 years out of sheer laziness. I made my boyfriend a sweatshirt, and made 2 ties for my brother’s wedding. And I managed to squeeze in making a Kew dress and a Kew/Flora/Betty dress for a wedding. Not bad!

Here’s to next May and in the meantime even if you see me in the local supermarket I’ll be wearing some kind of ankle grazing floral number.

5 thoughts on “Me Made May 2019 round up

  1. Some lovely outfits! You have me think just how scruffy I am when just at home alone – I have been known to panic if the doorbell goes and wonder what delivery people think of me! Perhaps now I am inspired to dress up more – just for me. I can’t say I have such a wonderful selection as you do but if I did I would be very proud to show off an outfit be it at Lidl or on any high street or at a special occasion.

  2. Wow, you have certainly created a lot of beautiful makes! I loved your sentence about dressing for yourself alone. I love dressing up but often get discouraged about living in a culture that prefers to dress down, so I think I might take a leaf out of your book! 🙂

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