[Gifted fabric] Rifle Paper Co Anna/Flora/Kew hack

One of the most exciting things that’s happened in my sewing journey was when I went to meet Anna Rifle Bond in Liberty where she was doing a signing. To be honest I felt kind of silly, queuing up to tell her how much of a creative idol she is to me and asking for a photo, my mouth dry with nerves. But when I approached her wearing my Tilly and the Buttons Martha in Rifle Paper co rayon she said that she recognised me from Instagram, she’d saved some of my photos and she liked my dresses. Well I was just about gobsmacked. She said she’d send me some fabric from her new collection which was being released in a few months. I’m not really sure what I said at that point but assuming it didn’t make a lot of sense.

Then fast forward to a couple of months later and it arrived.. the most perfect, bright, beautifully detailed rayon to make my summer dress dreams come true.

Since this was a special moment for me, I wanted to make something that did the fabric justice and also embodied my sewing journey so far. I thought about it A LOT and then decided on this mash of the By Hand London Flora bodice and Anna skirt, with the Nina Lee London Kew side straps. I was hoping the result would be casually elegant and also versatile, being able to dress it up with wedges or down with trainers.

It pretty much went to plan and she turned out exactly as I’d hoped! I made some modifications including a lower neckline, shorter skirt length, double leg slits and had to make the Kew straps a bit longer since the Flora is narrower than the Kew at the shoulders.

I’m really happy with this one, I think she’ll make many appearances throughout the summer. She’ll also remind me of an amazing day and collaboration that I never dreamed would happen, and the best decision ever to take the afternoon off work.

4 thoughts on “[Gifted fabric] Rifle Paper Co Anna/Flora/Kew hack

  1. I love your designs and style, I’ve been loving reading your blog too. Can I ask how you create the slits in this dress please? Do you separate the skirt into pieces and run two seams down? How do you finish the hems on the slits? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! The skirt is from the By Hand London Anna which is in 3 pieces at the front so the slit is on the seam. I usually overlock the seams, sew together the skirt pieces up to the start of the slit, then fold under and hem from the slit to the bottom hem. Hope that helps!

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