Silk Cotton Rhea dress

When I saw this pattern from Tammy Handmade I just loved the navy and red version she made so much that I couldn’t imagine it in another fabric. But I saw this fabric from Selvedge and Bolts which is a cotton and silk blend, and feels so silky and light, and I thought it would be perfect.

My only hesitation with the pattern was the lack of shape at the waist – I love this look on other people but it isn’t something I feel comfortable wearing – with other patterns like this such as the Tilly and the Buttons Indigo, I added waist ties to cinch the waist a little.

Inserting the back ties

The other adjustment I made was to raise the neckline a little. I did it both by shortening the straps – I made a toile (which literally took 2 minutes because I just traced the pattern piece directly onto calico, cut it out and pinned together). I used ribbon as the straps which I then fit on my body and cut to the right length (plus seam allowance) – I then used the ribbon to adjust the pattern piece for the straps. I also took up the neckline at the V and graded out to the straps (so that it wasn’t too thick at the strap).

I made a slight adjustment to the proportions of the skirt – lengthening the main skirt piece and the gather so it was mid length.

This was such a lovely pattern to sew – no darts, no fastenings. It would be such a perfect first dressmaking project. I can’t wait to make more next year if I ever go on holiday. I could also imagine it in a dark floral layered for winter, so maybe it won’t be my last one this year.

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