Heart Crepe Holly/Kew Dress

I saw this fabric first at the Fabric Godmother pop up shop at New Craft House in June. At the time I didn’t let myself buy it because I didn’t know what I would make (that’s my golden rule). However after my previous Holly/Kew mash up I revisited it as i could see it making a rather lovely second version of this hack, particularly with sheer sleeves.

I made it in the same way but this time I added on 1.5cm to the fold of the bodice when I cut it out. Now this is sounding all very intentional but it was actually a mistake. I spent so long going back and forth on the decision whether to add buttons to the bodice that I cut it out too big and had to sew in a fake button placket! I basically just pinched the fabric in the middle, stitched a straight line and sewed the buttons straight through. I’m glad this part went wrong because it ended up being my favourite detail of the dress. I used pearl drop buttons which I picked up from Liberty haberdashery.

For the sleeves, this time I cut them 2 inches longer and slightly wider. I only had 2m of fabric in total so couldn’t go as wide as I’d have liked, but the length means that they bunch up at the wrist elastic and create a bit of volume which I really love.

I lined the whole dress in silk crepe from White Lodge Fabric – my go-to lining for silky fabrics. For the skirt I laid the outer skirt piece on the lining fabric and cut the lining in one piece which was a bit of a shortcut but worked out ok and saved some fabric.

When I finished this dress I got a feeling of dread that one day it might get a hole in it and I won’t be able to wear it anymore. I remember Elisalex from By Hand London saying that was her mark of when she knows she’s made something good. Please survive the wash, heart dress, because I love you.

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