No-Zip Pullover Flora hack

I bought this linen from Sister Mintaka last year and was saving it for an Axis dress however being in lockdown and not having the pattern, I decided to make do and make a trusty By Hand London Flora.

I didn’t have a zip in the same colour and since I’ve been working from home I have opted for more comfy clothes so instead I decided to omit the zip.

To do this, I cut the back piece on the fold as well as the front, cut two pieces for the skirt to gather (and two additional longer pieces for the ruffle at the bottom). I then cut two pieces for the waist ties and four the same width for the tie straps. I only had two metres so it was quite a squeeze and I had almost nothing left over.

To enable it to get over my head, I made the same size as usual but I didn’t sew up the waist darts on front or back, I just sewed the bust darts. Also having tie straps helps get it on and off really easily.

I lined it in my favourite Rifle Paper Co rayon and added my tags, the Kate Eva ones are from Dutch Label Shop and the isewlation ones are from @Modistasewing (Instagram) who has produced these labels with all profits going to charities in need during the isolation.

I continue to love the By Hand London Flora pattern, it’s just so versatile and easy to hack. I’d love to see this tie waist version in seersucker for the summer.

I love the result of this and can imagine wearing it on a really hot day or at the beach. It feels lovely to wear and doesn’t need ironing which is great.

2 thoughts on “No-Zip Pullover Flora hack

  1. I love the Flora, and I especially love this easy pullover style for summer! I have one question – how did you finish the seam where the bodice and skirt meet? I usually use “the burrito method” but did not think it would work in a no-zip style. Grateful if you can offer any insight/recommendations!

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