Magnolia Viscose Jacquard dress

After using the Magnolia sleeves from version 2 on a few different hacks I wanted to make the full version and opted for this beautiful Viscose Jacquard from Fabric Godmother. I love how floaty this fabric is and it feels really special because of the combination of the print and texture. It’s also completely opaque so didn’t need lining which is great in my book.

The print is quite large so I wanted to cut the skirt pieces in one. I used the Nina Lee Kew skirt and cut both the front and back on the fold. Well actually I forgot to cut the back on the fold (due to the side zip of the Magnolia) so I had to sew it up after I realised my mistake. Oh well!

I didn’t want to pattern match and didn’t have enough fabric to do so anyway, and I like the randomness of the print so didn’t want to make it too perfect. One thing I was conscious of was not ending up with a big flower on the boob, so I cut each of the bodice pieces out singularly. I also pinned them directly to my ironing board to cut them out so that they didn’t slide around, which is my top tip for slippery fabrics.

I find this pattern quite difficult to alter as I go because the side seams are sewn up last, so I did one final fitting of the bust by putting it on inside out and pinching any excess away. I make sure I do this in a bra that I’ll wear with the dress as it can differ slightly.

I wasn’t expecting to love this dress as much as I do. It feels so fancy and it didn’t take that long to make. Brb going to buy all the other viscose jacquard from Fabric Godmother.

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