Insta Rainbow Challenge

I saw the #Instarainbowchallenge by Zeena Shah (@HeartZeena) and Natalie Wall (@Talliwall) on the first day, red. I just so happened to be wearing red and I thought I may as well join in. I’ve been getting dressed since the isolation began anyway, it genuinely makes me feel better and makes my day more structured. I’m working from home so I have quite a few meetings and feel more normal if I get dressed. I’ve also found myself reaching for more colourful and more comfy things to lighten my mood.

I participated each day and I really enjoyed it! Mostly my outfits are determined by the weather but since I’m inside all day the weather doesn’t matter so much. So I really liked having a prompt to help me decide and also stop me from reaching for the same dresses all the time.

I realised that I don’t have as many green dresses as I expected since it’s my favourite colour, but since then have heard lots of people saying how green fabric is hard to come by which I haven’t noticed before, so now I’ll definitely keep a look out!

Of all the colours I think yellow was my favourite so I’m going to try to inject more yellow into my wardrobe for summer, and I might just continue with the rainbow challenge for the foreseeable future! 🌈

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