[Gifted Fabric] Leopard Print BHL Hannah/Jenna

When Good Fabric Store offered me some fabric in exchange for a post, I didn’t hesitate in accepting – they have a dreamy range of sustainable fabrics including Mind the Maker whose fabrics I’ve bought before. The quality of the fabrics is amazing and it’s even better knowing that they are all sustainably produced.

I chose the Mind the Maker Leo viscose in ‘sorbet’. It’s the first thing I’ve ever made in animal print, and to be honest leopard print isn’t usually my thing. But I was really attracted to the colours – I love the mint and coral combination and I have other dresses in those colours that I reach for often.

I realised recently that a gap in my wardrobe is Spring/Autumn clothes in bright colours. I tend to go for dark colours for all of my makes that have sleeves, and since working from home all the time I’ve realised how much colour can impact my mood. So I really want to make some brighter dresses with sleeves that I can wear in the transition between seasons.

I decided on the By Hand London Hannah because it’s been one of my most worn patterns working from home – it’s easy to throw on but still looks put together and I can loosen the ties for comfort. I had to do a bit of pattern tetris to squeeze it out of 2 metres. I had planned to use the sleeves from the Deer and Doe Magnolia but I didn’t have quite enough fabric as I wanted to add some length on the skirt, so I used the By Hand London Jenna sleeves which I have to say are an excellent scrap buster because they are in 3 pieces. Safe to say I had next to nothing left over which was a win.

I tend to sew all the ties first so I have everything ready and can put my iron away from my cat’s reach for a bit. I find it’s also a good way of testing the fabric – this fabric is digitally printed so it’s white on the other side – I found from my first project with this fabric that it’s good to use a new needle because if you are using a blunter one it can catch and white threads can come through to the front. If you use a new needle then it’s a dream to sew.

I used blue bias binding for the neckline which, despite buying it blindly online, was a perfect match. The only adjustment I made to the pattern was a small bust adjustment (which I did on my first version using the method in the By Hand London Bodice Fitting handbook), and I added 1.5cm to the neckline to avoid it being too low.

And that’s about it! I did worry half way through this make that it looked like something from The Flintstones – I think it’s something about the fabric and pattern combo – but I ended up loving it regardless. I’ve already worn it a few times and it’s an ideal style for the transition from Summer to Autumn.

Fabric was gifted by Good Fabric Store in return for a post. Fabric is the Mind the Maker Urban Leo ECOVERO™ Viscose – Sorbet.

4 thoughts on “[Gifted Fabric] Leopard Print BHL Hannah/Jenna

  1. I’d love to know a bit more about how you raised the neckline on a wrap dress. I always avoid them as they always sit too low for me. Is it easy? Do you just mark the new point and the. Redraw the necklines in?

    1. Yes I basically just cut the fabric 1.5cm from the pattern piece following the same curve of the original piece. I then grade it out at the shoulder because it makes the front shoulder wider than the back shoulder

  2. I love it – design and fabric. Just thinking when it turns chilly you could choose whether to match an orange or blue cardigan with it – depending on your mood – zingy or calm!

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