[Gifted fabric] Loseta Tile Shirred dress

I’ve been eagerly anticipating this fabric launch since I had a sneak peak a few months ago but even long before that I was envisioning the yellow colour way of the Loseta viscose crepe in blue – it just reminds me of holidays.

Josie from Fabric Godmother gifted me this fabric and I originally had planned to do some kind of take on the Deer and Doe Magnolia which I still think would have been so amazing. However when I was sewing it up it was a reallllly hot day and I wanted something floaty and summery. To be honest I’ve been reaching for my looser fitting or elasticated dresses in lockdown much more anyway; it feels a bit strange wearing something fitted with a zip to work from my bedroom.

I also really wanted to show the tile print in all it’s glory as it’s really beautiful. I decided therefore that shirring would 1. Be easier because of the straight lines to refer to and 2. Would be really effective with the print.

Now if I was a smarter person I would have been more patient when measuring. I’d intended to use one rectangle shirred at the bust and sewn up at the back. I thought I’d cut it out 1.5x my bust measurement but it ended up a bit small around the bum and it was tighter than I wanted at the bust. To fix it I had to cut out another piece and do a front and back, causing a punishing 50 lines of shirring. I sewed it whilst watching the content from the Sewing Weekender so it was actually quite mindful although I have to admit I was glad when it was done, 5 reels of elastic later.

I fully intended to add sleeves. I liked the ones on the By Hand London shirred dress tutorial but also I wanted ones that would cover bra straps so I started by adding straps to the dress. I then made sleeves which I was going to gather with elastic at the cuff and shoulder and attach to the strap but I actually preferred the dress without them so I left them off. Maybe I’ll revisit it one day and attach them, or maybe I’ll have to make them a detachable feature because of my indecision.

Despite my mess ups I really love this dress and the shirring was 100% the right choice in my mind as it looks so good in this fabric. It’s the floatiest holiday dress. Unfortunately I’m not wearing it in Portugal as planned but my balcony will do, especially in the London heatwave.

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