Ogden Cami in Liberty Silk Satin

This is my first ever Ogden cami and I see what all of the fuss is about. It’s such a simple but effective pattern and especially in this Liberty silk satin it looks quite special, and could be dressed up or down. It’s also secret pyjamas because it’s such comfy fabric and nice and loose for hot summers days.

I made this for my friend Pam for her 30th birthday. I had been promising her for a while that I’d make her something, but to be honest I’m really bad at selfless sewing. I also find it hard to get a good fit without being able to try it on lots during the process which is why I went for a looser pattern where the fit wouldn’t matter as much since I was making it as a surprise.

Not a lot to report on the sewing front, it was very straightforward. And how beautiful is Pam in it?! Tempted to make one for myself in a dress length for the summer and experiment with different widths of strap.

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