Anna/Kew hack in Rifle Paper Co vines

I’ve already blogged about an Anna/Kew hack in a previous post so I will spare you the details but in short this is one of my favourite hacks, so simple and only needed 2 metres of fabric.

I bought this Rifle Paper Co rayon from Sister Mintaka. It’s one of my favourite fabrics to work with because it’s so soft and slinky but still easy to sew. Since I only had 2 metres I had to be quite creative with the pattern placement – in this fabric I knew the placement would be make or break and truly I’m not sure if I nailed it, although I have had some lovely comments on Instagram to say otherwise – thanks for making me feel better about it!

I finished the bodice with binding and added side slits to the skirt. I’ve seen a lot of dresses this style on the high street recently with side slits so I wanted to try it out, although I initially made them a bit too high and have some people on the Tube an eyeful, so I have gone back and edited them a little lower now!

Overall, really love this dress and it’s the fabric that makes it. I also bought it in cream and am still deciding what to do with it so watch this space.

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