Embroidered Elisalex Dress

Before I got this fabric, I feel like I’d only seen similar things in designer shops and couldn’t believe the price as I got an off cut for a steal at £12 off eBay.

Since I bought this fabric, I’ve seen it everywhere including on Gemma Collins falling down a hole at an awards ceremony. I have also seen some more classy versions from fellow sewers. Despite some bad press, it’s still just as beautiful to me.

I chose to make a By Hand London Elisalex but with a gathered skirt. Although not my usual style, I chose the gathered skirt because it maintained the directional pattern and also used minimal fabric (I only had 1.5m).

I think the most important part of this make was pattern placement. I spent quite a while making sure that the bodice had a good balance of flowers and leaves and that there wasn’t too much repeat since the bodice front is made from three pieces.

I lined this with a gossamer crepe which feels just so luxurious on and it’s so light and swooshy. I planned to add long sleeves and also make it end mid calf however when I saw it at the pre-sleeve pre-hem stage I thought it looked pretty good so I just left it as is. I really love the sheer bottom of the dress, super chic that you can see your shoes and all the details of the embroidery. I can see this make going from spring to autumn and being ideal for weddings and parties.

5 thoughts on “Embroidered Elisalex Dress

  1. I just impatiently devoured all of your beautiful posts like I was staring a plate of pancakes and bacon in the face! Your description of how you sew (just can’t wait to see it finished) is exactly my speed :). Stunning dresses!!

  2. This cos truly gorgeous. I love how you let the fabulous fabric be the star! Would love to know how it was to sew? I imagine it would be a bit hard to manage?

    1. Thank you! It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be to Sew. Occasionally there was some puckering because of the metallic threads in the brocade getting stuck, but I found with a new sharp needle and some fine pins it was ok!

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