Me Made May 2018

From what I’ve seen I think this year’s Me Made May has been the best yet. It wasn’t a challenge for me to wear me Made each day because I generally do. I have very few rtw clothes now. However the real challenge was not wearing my favourite items multiple times, which I always fall into the trap of doing.

I got through the month re-wearing only 3 items so I’d call that a success! And on the way I discovered that some of my lesser worn pieces were actually really nice, so I’m going to try to continue to rotate my wardrobe a bit more.

Seeing everyone else’s’ makes was so inspiring. I’ve only been sewing for 4 years and although I have 40+ dresses, I tend to stick to the same few patterns. Something quite unexpected was that I got a lot of comments from people that were inspired by this, because I guess it makes having a handmade wardrobe much more achievable for someone starting out.

So in that vain, I’ve rounded up my makes by pattern so you can see how much variety you can get from a single pattern. Just please don’t think me crazy for making nearly 20 Floras!


My forever favourite pattern. I’ve made wide straps, thin straps, double straps, tie straps and off shoulder straps versions.


Betty has a special place in my heart because she’s the first dress I ever made. My favourite versions I’ve made are with sleeves, I think it’s the perfect spring/ autumn dress.


Martha + Rifle Paper Co was a match made in heaven. So I made two!


I don’t wear a lot of skirts but these three are ones I self drafted and were such quick and simple makes.


Another cracking pattern from By Hand London is the Orsola. I thought this one wasn’t for me until Elisalex did a tutorial on adding a circle skirt and now it’s one of my favourites.

Secondly, the Christine Haynes Emery. I love this pattern and Me Made May has made me realise I need to make more!

And also, shout out to the unsung heroes of Me Made May; the dedicated photographers that help you find a nice tree or point out colourful doors. I think my mum, boyfriend and work Bessie will all be glad it’s over for another year.

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