Thick Strap Liberty Flora

This new season Liberty fabric is the one I tried hard to resist when buying the fabric for my plain Flora. Hopefully you can see why it was so irresistible; I love that the print is quite subtle leaving the colour to make an impact.

I saw this dress as a wide strapped Flora when I first saw the fabric. I think it’s because the print is so delicate that it gives it good balance. I made the back about 4 inches lower and took the front down by 2 to keep it feminine.

For the skirt I opted for a full circle, I rarely opt for anything else, but I also make it a bit longer than usual as I wanted it to feel grown up despite the girly print.

I really like the result of this one. Still swooshy and feminine but it feels grown up because of the bold colour, and it’s reignited my love of red.

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