PLAIN Tie Strap Flora

After experimenting with tie straps on the Flora recently (see previous version here) I wanted to do another version that was a bit more grown up with an origami vibe, think Cos, And Other Stories or Whistles.

To do this I had to face my biggest challenge of going to Liberty and buying a PLAIN fabric. Bypassing all the amazing prints on the way. Spoiler alert – I actually went back and got a print a couple of weeks later.

I think a lot of people would probably think I’m crazy for splurging on a plain cotton but their colours are like no other and the fabric is really high quality. I went for this Coral colourway which they’d labelled Pillar Box Red but it’s definitely more of a lobster/ coral to me.

I’d kind of already envisioned this photo which is very sad and made me realise I need to stop thinking about my life in squares but I do like how this dress has an impact even though there’s no print. I won’t be scared to make more plain dresses but maybe I’ll buy the fabric online so I don’t have to bypass beautiful prints along the way.

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