Papercut Patterns’ Moana Wavy Top

When I bought this wavy Liberty Fabric last year I thought it would be perfect for seaside wear. I chose to do the top version of Papercut Patterns’ Moana because I thought the peplum together with the print creates really nice movement which is quite wave-like!

The top was super easy to sew. The trickiest bit was probably hemming the peplum and if I did it again I’d probably use bias binding for a better finish. 

I also added a Liberty trim to the zip which is not only decorative but also helps you zip it up if no one’s on hand to help! 

This pattern is back on my radar this year and I’ll potentially make a sleeved version. 

3 thoughts on “Papercut Patterns’ Moana Wavy Top

  1. It looks fabulous! Is it a cotton lawn? I have a lovely lawn fabric and was wondering if that would be too stiff for the peplum? Yours looks perfect.

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