Bloom and Wild Flower Arranging

I recently took my Mum to a flower arranging lesson by Bloom and Wild at Hobbs in Covent Garden. Ironically, it was the day before Mother’s Day and I had bought my Mum a flower arranging lesson for the following week. Even more coincidentally, I had also bought her the same Bloom and Wild bouquet that we used in the flower arranging class! Although she didn’t mind having an abundance of beautiful flowers in the end.


The class was fantastic, laid back and everyone’s arrangements looked great; to be honest you can’t go wrong with such lovely flowers. What I liked most about the class was the encouragement to experiment, and see the beauty in imperfections. Comparing it to the class I went to the following week, I can definitely say I felt completely inspired by Bloom and Wild (enthusiasm only partly fuelled by free Champagne) and I have experimented with my own arrangements since, feeling much more confident cutting stems short and putting different combinations together.



I know this was a one-off class, but would recommend it thoroughly if anything similar comes up again. I definitely think Bloom and Wild should do more classes such as this, and I highly rate their flowers. Having bought them for my Mum and received some a few weeks earlier, I was really impressed with their packaging, ordering process, and the quality of the blooms. Moral of the story: don’t bother buying a Mother’s Day gift, as something better will probably come up for free the day before. Secondly, you can never have too many Bloom and Wild flowers. Moss liked them too.



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