DIY Oilcloth Washbag

I have been meaning to make a washbag for a while but I wanted to make sure it was fully waterproof inside and out and never found an oilcloth that I liked enough to make it out of.

I came across this fabric in The Makery in Bath along with iron on vinyl so decided to take the plunge and make my own oilcloth.


The instructions were easy to follow but basically it looks like sticky back plastic, just less sticky. I found that it was best to pull the film off evenly at both sides to avoid creases. You then put the grease proof film back over it and press the iron over each bit for a few seconds, turn it over and repeat. I then trimmed the edges off to ensure that all of the fabric was covered.

I repeated this for all 4 pieces (2 inside in plain lining fabric and 2 outside in the fabric above). I found that it was best to lie the fabric flat once ironed to avoid curling.

I then sewed each side together, turning inside out, then attached the zip and stitched the sides and bottom. I folded each bottom corner out and stitched diagonally so that it can stand up by itself and it also makes it a bit more spacious too.


I finished it with a scrap of Liberty fabric for the zip and voila!





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