DIY Liberty print scarf

Liberty of London is renowned for it’s silk scarves and this isn’t obviously as luxurious but tana lawn is such a soft cotton that I think you can just about get away with using it to make a scarf.

The method is pretty simple, the hardest bit is picking a fabric! I chose one of Liberty’s new designs and paired it with a mint green Pom Pom trim for Spring.


I bought half a metre of fabric and used most of it but have some scraps left for smaller projects. I simply folded it in half width ways and trimmed it either side so I had two long pieces. I then stitched those together at the ends to make one long piece. I stitched right side facing in on the machine then hemmed the edges as close to the edge as I could.

I then hemmed the ends and attached the Pom Pom trim. It’s definitely a simple and effective way to wear your favourite Liberty print and if you get bored of it, you can always cut it up and make something else!


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