Daisy crepe Selkie London Dress

As soon as it came out, I loved this London dress pattern from new pattern company Selkie. I especially loved the flouncy sleeves so I was on the lookout for a floaty crepe that would do the pattern justice.

Lo and behold I found this amazing daisy print crepe from New Craft House and it was love at first sight. I especially love the roundness of the Daisy pattern which goes so well with the round keyhole detail.

In terms of adjustments I didn’t make many. I graded from a size 10 shoulder to a size 6 waist and the fit was perfect. I also fully lined the dress as the fabric was very sheer. My go-to lining is always the Gossamer crepe from White Lodge Fabrics. Absolutely love the drape and feel of it. I cut lining for the front and back bodice and skirt pieces but left the sleeves as one layer so that they were lovely and floaty.

I also made the skirt a little longer, probably by 10-15cm and left the lining a bit shorter so there’s a large sheer section over the calves.

I absolutely love the pattern with this fabric and it was an easy make, taking me only a couple of days to finish. I sometimes struggle with Spring patterns because I love long sleeves and I love summer dresses but don’t have much in between. This pattern could be a new staple, and I’m 100% putting these flouncy sleeves on everything I make going forward!

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