Polka Dot Anna Dress

I’d always admired everyone’s Anna dresses and obviously I’m a BIG fan of By Hand London but I just didn’t think this shape was for me. However when I saw this textured crepe from Minerva Crafts I thought it would really suit this pattern so I thought I’d give it a go. This is the one time that making your own clothes is frustrating since you can’t just try it on and check if the style suits you!

I pretty much fit into the standard size 6 bodice but since I usually sew full circle skirts I had to be a bit more cautious with the ahem bottom region so I cut a size 10 in case I needed more give. I ended up french seaming the whole thing and the size 10 worked for that so I think I’d probably cut one size smaller if I wasn’t doing French seams.

When I got to a point where it looked like a dress but dragged along the floor like a swamp monster I realised the only way it was going to suit my 5’3” frame would be if it was much shorter so I trimmed and trimmed until I got to the ankle grazing length it is. And I actually LOVE it. So much so that I’ve already made another. I think length with the slit is oh so chic and it feels so nice to wear. I’m sure I will make many more. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Anna.

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