Small Sewing Space Ideas

You’ll probably know by now if you follow my Instagram that I don’t have a huge sewing room; my crafting space is pretty modest and I’m definitely of the opinion that it’s possible to create a dedicated craft space in any room. Mine is in the corner of my bedroom. 

I think the key to incorporating your crafting space into a bedroom or living room is not to disturb the style of the room. The fabrics I buy and clothes I make are generally bright and patterned and that’s almost the polar opposite to my interior style; I like my interiors calm and clean. So whilst if I had a dedicated sewing room I’d love to display my fabric stash, in this room it just doesn’t fit so I’ve incorporated it in with my other bedroom storage. 

Similarly, the Nkuku shelf adds an industrial touch which helps to tone down the pastels and bright colours of my supplies on the shelf.

Saying that, my desk is one of the only places I really love having bright flowers so I always get some bright tulips, daffodils or roses for this space.

The most important thing for me is that everything is in grabbing distance. My storage isn’t completely sufficient for this because I’ve pretty much tried my hand at every crafty hobby going. So I’ve got additional under bed storage for my dormant hobbies; knitting, card making, painting, crochet, jewellery making, screen printing etc, and have my most used out which at the moment is sewing and calligraphy. 

I store my sewing machine in the corner of the room so I can use my desk for working from home or calligraphy, but it’s always in reach. 

My fabric stash in this drawer is just bigger pieces – yardage for dresses or scraps big enough for ties and small projects. I keep tinier scraps for cards separately. Most of my stash is left over from dresses I’ve made. I don’t often buy a fabric and not already have a garment in mind so it never sits there for long. 

I also store my patterns here. I just have a select few and usually put together a combination of several patterns for each garment. My favourites are Flora from By Hand London, Martha from Tilly and the Buttons, Betty from Sew Over It and Emery from Christine Haynes. Any combination of the above is a sure winner. 

Not pictured is me splaying out my fabric on the living room floor to cut it out. But it’s so unglamorous I’ll leave it to your imagination. 

4 thoughts on “Small Sewing Space Ideas

  1. Very creative use of small space. For the first time in my life I actually have a sewing room which doubles as a guest bedroom. Not perfect but it’s working fairly well. I spent many years creating a small space so I get it and I think you’ve done an awesome job!

    1. Thank you! I lived in a flat share before this, so this space is even an upgrade for me! But as long as you’re organised and creative I think you can make the most of any sized space.

  2. The space size doesn’t matter just as long as you are happy in it! I sew on a cabinet on wheels. I push it to a free corner somewhere in the house and there I go! I remember seeing that tiny red sewing machine on IG so we must have spoken about this before? 😃 nice to meet you again! 😂

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