Christmas Crafting with Liberty Print

I’m just getting started on my Christmas crafting with some stockings, sacks and drawstring pouches. Here’s a selection of photos and a brief tutorial of my Liberty print drawstring pouches.





For the drawstring pouches, I used medium weight hessian and cut two pieces the same (or you can cut one long piece double the length that you want your finished pouch to be).


At this point, attach the Liberty print panel. I folded edges under for neatness. Also add Pom poms, ric rac or other decorations at this point. Then fold over the top where your ribbon will thread through and stitch.

Sew up the sides and open out the pouch. For a flat bottom which will make the bag roomier, stand upright and squash corners down then sew straight across each corner, leaving a triangular flap at each corner that you can remove or just fold in.

Attach your ribbon to a safety pin and gradually thread it through the hole and voila! Beautiful Christmas wrapping.



And if you don’t fancy making your own, you can order a custom pouch on my Etsy.

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