Roll up, Roll up!

So it was my friend Jade’s birthday last week and it was obvious to me what I needed to make her, I just had to work out how to do it! Jade is an extremely talented make up artist and so I decided to attempt a make up brush roll for her in my favourite Liberty print, Betsy. Although it is a bit too pretty to house her gory theatrical make up, it fits quite a few brushes and could alternatively be made in oilcloth so that it is wipe clean.

I started by making the pocket, lining it and sewing in reverse then turning round and sewing up the edge. I then did the same with the main body but with wadding in between and ironed it to make sure it was flat and attached. I sewed vertically to create the pockets and then added the binding to the edge in an attempt to neaten it up!



Finally, I added a grosgrain ribbon, folded in half, and sewed the edges to prevent fraying. I made the ribbon very long and added a loop at the other side so that there is the option to wear it round the hips when in use – although due to the wadding, it’s not all that flattering!



And voila…





And of course, the wrapping:



Oh and of course check out my friend Jade’s makeup blog and website- she’s amazing!

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