Pillow Talk

I have finally finished my Liberty print cushions! I was looking for some lovely ribbons for some time and gave in yesterday and went to Liberty so I could match the ribbon to the material.

I have finished two designs. The first is in Betsy grey and gold which I have matched with a velvet blue/grey ribbon and coral thread. Betsy grey has the brightness that you would expect from a Liberty print but is more versatile as I have found that it goes with other colours and patterns more easily than some Liberty prints.





The second cushion is in Betsy green which I think is my favourite Liberty print. I used yellow cotton to stitch the cushion and a cream grosgrain ribbon to finish it off. I thought the colours of this print would look better with a simple, plain ribbon. It would look great on its own or with other bright, clashing prints.





I have already bought some more supplies to experiment with other Liberty prints so more soon!

Both of these designs are available on my Etsy now!

Thanks for reading!

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